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    Original Manuscript

    Plazma Fizik, Düzenleme Örneği

    Edited Manuscript

    Plazma Fizik, Düzenleme Örneği


    Remark 1:
    Note that in this abstract, you have not further discussed the films. Therefore, we suggest revising the sentence as follows:
    In this paper, we present a critical review of essential data on the physics and chemistry of low pressure glow discharges of GeH4.

    Remark 2:
    It is not clear what “neutral–neutral” refers to. Do you mean collisions between two neutral species?

    Remark 3:
    Please check whether our change is appropriate.

    Remark 4:
    Although the edited sentence is grammatically correct, please check whether you mean
    The validity/effectiveness of excluding these collisional contributions is theoretically explained by the formal decomposition of the entropy-production rate with a banana plateau and the Pfirsch–Schlüter fluxes derived by Sugama and Horton.


    [Explanation1]: Content gap:
    The sentence content here is inappropriate for the Abstract. This gap has been brought to the author’s notice through a remark.

    [Explanation2]: Language:
    A better introductory phrase has been added in view of the information that follows. This also ensures that the academic tone of the document is kept intact.

    [Explanation3]: Style of English:
    We have followed American English in this document. Therefore, a serial comma has been added here.

    [Explanation4]: Punctuation:
    An hyphen is needed to clarify the relationship between nouns in a long noun phrase.

    [Explanation5]: Punctuation:
    We have added an en-dash here to clarify that the collisions are between an electron and a molecule. The two entities are equal.

    [Explanation6]: Language clarity:
    The original sentence has been simplified and made concise using the direct verb “analyze.”

    [Explanation7]: Content gap:
    In the Advance Editing service, the author is informed of any ambiguous or uncommon expressions.

    [Explanation8]: Grammar:
    The plural form of recombination has been used as two recombinations are being described.

    [Explanation9]: Grammar:
    The preposition has been corrected.

    [Explanation10]: Language readability:
    This change ensures an effective flow and readability.

    [Explanation11]: Language readability:
    This phrase can be simplified to “to.”

    [Explanation12]: Grammar The use of “or” does not seem correct as both experimental data and theoretical estimates are given in the document. The accompanying remark informs the author to verify this change. The author has been requested to validate this change.

    [Explanation13]: Punctuation:
    A comma is required after the introductory phrase.

    [Explanation14]: Grammar:
    The adverb (explicitly) has been placed before the verb (excluded) to prevent awkward readability.

    [Explanation15]: Language:
    The noun phrase was very long, making it difficult to understand. The revision has improved the readability and clarity.

    [Explanation16]: Language readability:
    This change is made to improve the connection with the previous sentence, and thus improve flow.

    [Explanation17]: Content gap:
    The author has been provided a suggestion for enhancing content clarity.

    [Explanation18]: Attention to detail:
    Spacing has been revised for consistency throughout the manuscript.

    [Explanation19]: Language readability:
    Such a long sentence reads better in the active form as the reader does not have to read the entire sentence to grasp the main idea.

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