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    Original Manuscript

    Nörobilim, Düzenleme Örneği

    Edited Manuscript

    Nörobilim, Düzenleme Örneği


    Remark 1:
    Note that the terms “motoneuron” and “motor neuron” have been used interchangeably throughout the manuscript. We have revised this for consistency. Please check.

    Remark 2:
    Note that the highlighted sentence needs a reference to support the statement.

    Remark 3:
    Note that “EMG” has been used as an abbreviation for both “electromyography” and “electromyogram.” We suggest that you use it as an abbreviation for only the latter term for accuracy and to avoid confusion.

    Remark 4:
    Please check if the highlighted term should be revised to “motor units” for accuracy.

    Remark 5:
    Note that the highlighted text is unclear and please check whether it should be revised to “Gradation of muscular activity occurs when a number of motor units are activated” for clarity.


    [Explanation1]: Formatting:
    According to the formatting guidelines, the title of the manuscript should be within 30 characters.

    [Explanation2]: Punctuation:
    Here the unnecessary colon has been deleted.

    [Explanation3]: Punctuation:
    Note that "it's" means "it is," whereas here the third person singular possessive determiner "its" is correct.

    [Explanation4]: Language:
    The sentence has been reconstructed for conciseness.

    [Explanation5]: Grammar:
    Here the subject "fiber" is singular, and therefore the verb should also be singular.

    [Explanation6]: Style:
    Here the term is a common noun and need not be capitalized.

    [Explanation7]: Language:
    The sentence has been edited for readability as well as clarity.

    [Explanation8]: Grammar:
    The present perfect tense is preferred in this context, and therefore, the correction made.

    [Explanation9]: Formatting:
    According to the formatting guidelines, comma or spaces should not be used in numbers.

    [Explanation10]: Style:
    According to the standard convention, terms should be followed by their abbreviations at their first mention.

    [Explanation11]: Language:
    English word choice has been improved in this construction for added clarity.

    [Explanation12]: Attention to detail:
    "Into" is one word. Therefore, the space has been deleted for accuracy.

    [Explanation13]: Language:
    Unnecessary words have been deleted for conciseness.

    [Explanation14]: Punctuation:
    Introductory terms should be followed by a comma.

    [Explanation15]: Language:
    Here the antecedent "they" has been replaced with the subject "electrodes" for clarity.

    [Explanation16]: Language:
    Two small sentences have been clubbed together for improved readability.

    [Explanation17]: Subject area:
    "Hypodermic" is the subject-specific preferred word choice in this context.

    [Explanation18]: Grammar:
    The missing preposition has been added for correctness.

    [Explanation19]: Language:
    The correct word choice has been used.

    [Explanation20]: Subject area:
    Word choice has been revised as per the discipline.

    [Explanation21]: Typographical error:
    The spelling error has been rectified.

    [Explanation22]: Language:
    Here, a more concise construction has been used to eliminate wordiness.

    [Explanation23]: Subject area:
    The more appropriate term used in this field is "coaxial deep muscle electrode."

    [Explanation24]: Subject area:
    Sentence construction revised for clarity and readability.

    [Explanation25]: Language:
    The original sentence was lengthy and unclear; therefore, it has been revised for readability.

    [Explanation26]: Language:
    Word choice improved for academic style.

    [Explanation27]: Punctuation:
    A comma has been used to separate the dependent clause from the independent clause.

    [Explanation28]: Grammar:
    Note that "as" is generally used with "known" and not "called." Therefore, the term has been revised for correctness.

    [Explanation29]: Grammar:
    Here the correction has been made because "clinical" is an adjective for the noun "importance."

    [Explanation30]: Typographical error:
    The spelling has been rectified.

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