Effective Use of Academic and Social Media Networks for Endorsing your Publication


Şimdi Kaydol

Şimdi Kaydol
Do you know how to effectively promote your publications? Researchers need to ensure that their research study has gained maximum visibility for both, significant impact on the academic community and increased citation count. “Digital networking” is a powerful means through which the academic community can boost the reach of their study. This webinar will give a detailed overview of the recommended strategies for effective research promotion on academic and social media platforms and optimizing visibility of the published articles.

After this webinar, researchers will have a better understanding of the following:

  • Understanding the significance of research promotion
  • Overview of traditional ways of research promotion
  • Popular academic and social media networks
  • Choosing the right channel for promotion
  • Drawbacks of using social media for academic purposes
  • Measuring the impact of the applied promotional strategy

About the Speaker

Dr. Fiona Murphy

Owner of Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd.
Publishing and Training Consultant, Enago Academy

  • Dr. Murphy is an independent Open Science and publishing consultant with more than 20 years of experience in scientific and scholarly publishing.
  • After completing DPhil in English Literature (University of Oxford), Dr. Murphy held roles with several reputed publishers like Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic, and John Wiley.
  • She is currently secretary of the board of the data repository, Dryad and an Editorial Board Member of the Data Science Journal.
  • Along with holding an Associate Fellowship at the University of Reading, she is also an ambassador for the Research Data Alliance, on the Steering Committee for the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute and Book Reviews Editor for European Science Editing Journal.
  • Dr. Murphy has written and presented widely on data publishing, Open Data, and Open Science.

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