Methionine Addiction: The Fundamental Hallmark of Cancer



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Enago in collaboration with AntiCancer, Inc.—the world’s leading preclinical cancer contract research organization—conducted an advanced session on cancer research studies. Dr. Robert M. Hoffman (President, Chairman of Board and CEO, AntiCancer, Inc.), a veteran scientist who discovered the methionine addiction of cancer (Hoffman Effect), described the mechanism of the methionine addiction and how this fundamental hallmark of all cancers can be targeted therapeutically.

With 55+ years of significant contribution to science, Dr. Hoffman has done pioneering research studies to provide treatment for cancer. In this session, Dr. Hoffman focussed on discussing the following key topics related to methionine addiction:

  • What is the Hoffman effect?
  • Everything about methionine addiction and its importance in cancer
  • Role of methylation and transmethylation reactions
  • Which is the most powerful form of PET imaging in cancer?
  • Cancer treatment using methionine restriction

About the Speaker

Dr. Robert M. Hoffman

Founder and CEO of AntiCancer, Inc. (1984), Dr. Hoffman is a highly accomplished and globally acclaimed researcher with prolific research achievements. He has received his Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University in 1971 and is currently appointed as a Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of California. He is also the Editorial Board member of Clinical Cancer Research, Journal of Fluorescence Guided Surgery, In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology, and Anticancer Research. Dr. Hoffman has published 1100+ research papers and has received 52283 citations.

Summarising his 55 years of research in cancer, Dr. Hoffman discovered methionine addiction of cancer in 1976 and has shown that methionine addiction is the fundamental and general hallmark of cancer. Methionine addiction of cancer is named the Hoffman Effect after Dr. Hoffman. Together with his team, Dr. Hoffman is developing methioninase as a general cancer therapeutic that targets methionine addiction. Further, Dr. Hoffman is also a world leader in mouse models of cancer, three dimensional tumor culture, bacterial therapy of cancer, in vivo imaging of cancer, adult stem cells. and precision medicine for cancer.

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