How AI is Impacting Academic Publishing: Guide for Authors and Journal Editors



Şimdi İZLE
The application of Artificial Intelligence in the modern scientific publishing ecosystem has been gaining momentum in recent years. Several critical tasks such as identifying and summarizing research materials, language and grammar enhancement, finding peer reviewers, etc. are time intensive. This session will aim to share insights on how automation through AI can assist authors and publishers to conduct smart proofreading, perform essential language quality and plagiarism checks, prepare manuscripts, assign peer reviewers, and conduct peer review.

Researchers will have an improved understanding of the following:

  • How AI is transforming the academic publishing landscape
  • How AI is helping authors:
    • Choosing a target journal
    • Manuscript preparation & submission
    • Enhancing writing quality
  • How AI is assisting journal editors
    • Assigning peer reviewers
    • Bulk proofreading
    • Checking for publication readiness
    • Manuscript assessment and evaluation (Peer Review)
  • Popular AI-based tools to improve quality of publications (Trinka Ai, AuthorONE, OAJF)

About the Speaker

Stephen Huff, Senior Lead Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Huff is a published author with 20+ years of experience in manifold scientific fields including big-data analytics, machine learning (AI), algorithm development, laboratory management, and informatics research. After completing his Ph.D. from the University of Housten (USA), Dr. Huff continued his research pursuit as a Research Biological Scientist (Bioinformatics) at the U.S.A.F. Research Laboratory followed by his appointment at Noblis, Inc. To date, Dr. Huff has published several research papers in high-ranking journals and is also a recipient of 5 grants and multiple awards and scholarships. As a Publication and Training Consultant at Enago Academy, Dr. Huff provides guidance to research scholars for a successful academic career.


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